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The 2007 Tunica-Biloxi Tr ibal Pow Wow was a success!! Dancers from around the United States traveled to Marksville to par ticipate in the dance and drum competitions. And local residents
from around central Louisiana came to the new Mari Center to watch the event unfold.

POW WOW 2007Pow Wow Committee Chairman John Barbry was pleased with the attendance results. Approximately 6000 people came to the Pow Wow this year, down from about 7000 last year. Tickets sales for the 2007 festival ran upwards of nearly $14,000, while 2006 was a little over $3,000 more. Barbry repor ted that higher gas prices during the star t of the summer vacation season may have contributed to the drop in attendance.

There was also a slight drop in dancers coming to Marksville this year, too, about 15% less than 2006 according to Barbr y’s estimation. There were 35 craftsmen/ar tisan vendors at this year’s event selling everything from dream catchers, or iginal oil paintings, award winning jewelr y with semi-precious stones, to T-shir ts, CDs, and children’s toys.

While most people liked the cool, dry environment of the Mari Center and the convenience of being close to the hotel proper ty, many tribal members were disappointed that the Pow Wow was being held indoors. As luck would have it, this had to have been the best year ever where the weather was concerned. Unseasonably mild temperatures made the outdoors positively irresistible. The weather was gorgeous. Food vendors got to enjoy it more than anyone as they
were located right outside the rear of the Mari Center.

There had been some discussion of moving the PowWow grounds to a different site on the reser vation, and with the Mari Center being completed in time, committee members thought holding the event inside would be optimal. The celebration will move back to the reservation
pow wow grounds for 2008.

Barbry noted that the committee would probably be requesting some upgrades to be carried out on the reservation pow wow grounds. For several years, the idea of creating some sort of covering for the dance arbor has been bounced around, and
that is still something Barbr y is interested in pursuing. There is also a desire for some smaller pavilions at the front gate to provide cover for the admissions area, registration and t-shirt sales. In addition, the restroom buildings are going to need better air ventilation.

When asked what is the best part of putting on such an event, John acknowledged that the “reunion of friends and family” is what makes the Pow Wow so ver y special to the tribe and its members.

Tribal and casino volunteers have really made the Pow Wow as successful as it has become. A core group, that Barbry has come to rely on tremendously, pull ever ything together to make the surface seem effor tless. And about 75% of the volunteers are non-tribal casino associates.

The most significant change over the years relating to this program, Barbry noted, was the expectation and anticipation of the festival by the local community and tribal members, themselves. The festival runs so smoothly, and it is always a thoroughly enjoyable weekend for the community. And that is all tied into the hard work and commitment of tribal and non-tribal friends.

Tunica-Biloxi Pow Wow Committee

Lena Ballard
Jessica Barbry
Joe Barbry
Raymond Bertalotto
Debbie Johnson
Kayla Johnson
Robbie Johnson
Norma Khawaja
Brenda Lintinger
Janice Lopez
Patricia Nicholas
Sharon Reed
Rose White
John Barbry

POW WOW 2008


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